Thursday, August 2, 2018

Plus House Larvik, Amazing Zero Energy House In Norway

The ZEB Pilot House, also known as Plus House Larvik by the architecture firm snøhetta is envisioned to be a Zero Emission Demonstration Building near the norwegian town of Larvik. The dwelling serves as a platform for assisting knowledge of ‘plus houses’, which produce more energy than they use. The project describes a single family house, however, the building is primarily intended for use as a demonstration platform to facilitate learning.

The house in the garden has a characteristic tilt towards southeast and a sloping roof surface clad with solar panels and collectors. These elements, together with geothermal energy from energy wells in the ground, serve the energy need for the house. The project has a strong focus on retaining home-like qualities through non-quantifiable properties. Emotive comfort and sense of wellbeing have governed the design process to the same extent as energy demands. Let's see the House:

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