Saturday, August 11, 2018

Best 5 Practical And Cool Looking Kitchen Flooring Ideas

When designing a kitchen, a lot of thought goes into the cabinets, countertop and backsplash. But the right flooring choice can also make or break the design. Take a look at these beautiful spaces thoughtfully designed from the ground up.

Wood-Looking Tile

This floor looks like hardwood, but it is actually porcelain tile, so no worrying about spills or scratches.

Planned Randomness

This slate floor tile was laid out in a Versailles pattern. It combines four different sizes of tile replicated over and over to give the finished floor a random look.

Modern Residential Loft

This modern kitchen was once a commericial office space that was turned into a luxurious loft-style home. The hardwood floor just needed to be sanded and refinished in order to make it shine.

Chevron Patterned

Custom-cut vinyl tile laid in a herringbone pattern lends a ton of personality to this contemporary kitchen.

Easy-to-Install Bamboo

Sustainable bamboo flooring in a caramel color adds warmth to this industrial-style kitchen. (Sorce: Diynetwork)

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